Unclaimed Asset Holders

Tracing owners of unclaimed assets and dormant funds

Finders International works to trace the owners of unclaimed assets in a number of ways. These assets may be dormant or unclaimed balances held by a variety of institutions.

We are experts that specialise in identifying and finding the beneficiaries to assets, property and funds which may remain permanently unclaimed without our research.

If you hold unclaimed funds of any description, we can usually find a cost-effective solution to help reunite your clients with their unclaimed assets.

Our resources

We have a large team of professionals with a wealth of expertise who have been working in the field of asset recovery for decades.

Our team extends beyond Australia with strong partnerships and offices around the world.

As heir hunters that have been working in Australia since 1997, we can prove relationships between a deceased asset holder and their next-of-kin and trace all the entitled beneficiaries.

Our work in recovering assets for individuals is often on a no win / no fee commission fee basis, but we are happy to provide a bespoke quotation free of charge.

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