Working free of charge with the Public Sector

How can we help the Public Sector?

We often work free of charge with the hard-pressed public sector tracing next of kin and blood relatives for:

  • hospitals
  • coroners
  • local authorities
  • guardians
  • appointees or conservators

Whenever someone dies with no known next of kin the issues remain the same as they do for private professional clients. There may be no access to funds and no ability to pay us to trace next of kin, but that is not an issue for us.

By working with the family we find we will help guide them through the process with care and sensitivity. Referrals from the public sector may come from tragic or difficult circumstances, but our staff are fully trained to handle such situations.

If you work for a hospital, coroner, or local authority, or even the police and are having trouble in identifying and locating the deceased’s next of kin, we are are here to help, so please feel free to get in touch.

Is a destitute funeral being planned?

In the absence of next of kin, authorities sometimes resort to arranging a destitute funeral. However, many authorities now turn to Finders International before such funeral arrangements are made for multiple reasons:

  • notifying next of kin of a family member’s passing
  • the family may wish to take over the funeral arrangements
  • the deceased may have inaccessible or unknown assets (a “destitute” funeral may not mean the deceased is financially destitute, sometimes the true facts are unknown)
  • the deceased may require a certain type of funeral according to their religion

Finders International work with many public sector authorities free of charge in these situations. To see if we can assist you, please contact us.

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