Tracing owners of empty or abandoned property

Do you know of an empty or abandoned property?

Many local authorities use Finders International when they are aware of empty or abandoned private residential property that could be brought back into use, but they are encountering difficulties, such as:

  • property owners refusing to engage with the local authority
  • property owners holding on to empty property are unable to afford to repair or maintain it, for sentimental reasons, or believing to be an asset they should not dispose of
  • not knowing who the property owner really is – perhaps a listed owner has died or moved away

Many of our solutions result in the owners being identified and located and the property being sold, renovated or otherwise being brought back into use.

Members of the public sometimes know of an empty or abandoned property

We can sometimes help if we are contacted about a local eyesore or an abandoned property causing a nuisance. Otherwise, people may simply see a property on their street that appears to have been empty for years for no apparent reason.

You may notice a property that you wish to buy or develop but don’t know who the owners are.

If you see such a property, please feel free to email us at [email protected] with the details or complete the form to get in touch with us.

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